Featured Model Policy

Models Selected to Represent Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear must abide by these terms listed below


All Models that are selected as a featured model and influencer must abide by the terms listed below. 

Model Term Policy:

  • As a featured model you are required to provide basic modeling services for cataloging and for commission purposes you must be an influencer on all forms of social media to help drive sales. 
  • All Models must provide accurate and most recent measurements for fittings.  
  • If a Model fails to provide the necessary measurements for Prototype (Garment Sample) Coraggio Lingerie will not be liable nor responsible for misfitting of garments. If model provides incorrect measurements, an itemized invoice maybe issued for fees lost in the production of garment unless an immediate replacement is available. 
  • Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear does not give away prototype (Samples) to the model, however Model(s) will receive a complimentary swimsuit/ lingerie piece from production once item is released.  All Sample prototypes are to be returned to Coraggio Lingerie once model has been cataloged. 

Influencer and promotional: 

  • Models that are cataloged on the website will receive tear sheet images fully retouched for portfolio and social media promotion.
  • All models are required to promote company as an influencer on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. to help promote sales

Commission incentive for influencing sales and promotion. 

  • All models that are apart of the company are required to represent company by posting on social media, to promote product(s).
  • Weekly posts are required of either promotional images provided by the company or selfie and activity content of the model wearing complimentary product(s). Consistent promoting and influencing will help to maintain commission incentive and will grant possible increase in commission. 

Commission Rate Incentive:  

  • All new models that begin with Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear will receive 5% at the initial feature. 
  • Every 4 months models will be reviewed on how they promote and do influencer posts. (The more sales that are driven by the model the higher the commission incentive).
  • Once we are able to determine each model's promotional success, you the model will receive an increase in your commission from 3% to 5%. (Please note commission incentive is capped at 10%.)

Discount Code Commission Rate (Bonus): 

  • Discount Code Commission Bonus: For additional bonus commission each model will receive a discount code that will be coded with the model’s name that they can give out to any prospect or consumer interested in buying a product. Any sales made with these discount codes will instantly increase your commission for example: If you are receiving 3% on general sales you will receive 6% on sales made with discount code referrals. If you are receiving 5% commission on general sales, you will receive 8% on any sales made with discount code. Please note there are restrictions with the discount code. The Discount Code will be specially coded for each model. For further information contact us directly at coraggioinfo@gmail.com

Payment Rate (Trade Shows/Events Only).

  • Model (s) selected for trade shows and events will receive $200.00 for their participation. 
  • Model will be required to wear swimsuit/lingerie garment as well as a promotional uniform provided by Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear LLC. 
  • In addition to initial fee paid to the model, when a model sells 50% of garments at the trade show/event, the model will receive an additional $100.00 bonus. When model sells 100% of the entire inventory at the event the model will receive a $200.00 bonus. 

Forfeit of commission are as follows:  

  • Models do not actively promote products nor post content on social media. (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Unfollows social media page (instagram page/Facebook page) without giving notice nor reason.
  • Does not mention company nor give proper credits to production team involved when posting on social media.
  • Model is terminated as a featured model from company. 

Please note that all catalog images are under the property and copyright of Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear LLC. 

All products of Coraggio Lingerie & Swimwear LLC can be added and removed at any time due to lack of sales or have been discontinued. 


    All Models must abide by the policies listed above. 

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